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 The FAQ section answers most common questions that customer ask.

Regarding website or email issues

1. How to make computer point to new server quick, without wait for internet refresh?

To use setting to make your computer change website related IP faster:
Go to computer: C:windows\systems32\drivers\etc
there is a “hosts” open with note pad, add IP website address


Click “Save”

2. How can I check email in many locations without setting in Microsoft Outlook?

Use web based mail, such as or or, depend on which server your web site is in. Usually GCI give your instruction after GCI launch your site.
It is free with the web site hosting email accounts as long as the size in sunder the hosting package.
With user name and password, you will be available to send and receive email and create address books.


3. How can I save a copy in mail server when I use Microsoft Outlook?
On the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts.
Click View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.
Select your ISP account, and then click Change.
Click More Settings.
Click the Advanced tab, and under Delivery, select the Leave a copy of messages on the server check box.
Select one of the following options:
Remove from server after x days E-mail messages are downloaded to your computer but remain on the e-mail server for the number of days that you specify. This is the most common setting for people who want to read their messages at work but also download them for permanent storage on their home computer. We recommend that you choose the smallest number of days that suits your needs. The longer you leave messages on your e-mail server, the greater the risk of exceeding your mailbox size quota.
Remove from server when deleted from ‘Deleted Items’ E-mail messages are downloaded to your computer but also remain on the e-mail server indefinitely until you delete the e-mail message in Outlook and empty the Deleted Items folder. Just deleting the message doesn’t remove the message from the e-mail server.
If you do not select either check box, messages are left on the server indefinitely. You can eventually exceed your mailbox quota, unless you connect to the e-mail server from another computer that has Outlook configured to remove messages from the e-mail server.
Click OK, and then click Finish.

4. How can I check email in many locations with Microsoft Outlook functions?

The Microsoft Exchange server will provide this functions. GCI provide services to set up a dedicated Exchange server for your company, if you have many users or GCI can set up a email account in GCI’s exchange server. There is a monthly fee involve. More details, please call 713-779-8444.

5. How to Set Up Outlook Express to Send and Receive Email?

(1) From the Tools menu, choose Accounts.
Note: If you have never configured, or used, your Outlook Express email program, at this point the Internet Connection Wizard will open automatically. In such a situation, go directly to step 5.

(2) Click the Add button and choose Mail.

(3) In the Display name field, type your full name.

(4). Click the Next button.

(5). In the E-mail address field, type your full email address (e.g.,

(6). Click the Next button.

(7). Click the down arrow on the My incoming mail is a server drop-down list and choose POP3.

(8). In the Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server field, type your Incoming mail server (POP),

(9). In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server field, type the outgoing mail server from your ISP. *

(10). Click the Next button.

(11). In the Account name field, type your user name.

(12). In the Password field, type your email password.

(13). Check the box next to Remember password if you wish to save your password.

(14). Click the Next button.

(15). Click the Finish button.

(16). Double-click your account in the Mail Accounts list.

(17). Click on the Servers tab.

(18). Check the box next to My server requires authentication.

(19). Click the Settings button.

(20). Select Log on using.

(21). In the Account Name field, type your username from your ISP.

(22). In the Password field, type your password from your ISP.

(23). Check the box next to Remember password.

(24). Click the OK button.


6. I have problem to send email from Microsoft outlook or outlook express, what should I do?

1. Go to web based mail: (or .net or .tv)
If you can send and receive email, please go to Microsoft outlook or outlook express to change setting:

2. From the error message, make change on setting:
If there is error message, if message is “503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA”.
• Verifying SMTP port 26 is selected instead of the default of 25.
• Verifying ‘My outgoing server requires authentication’ and ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’ are enabled
• Settings for POP3, POP3S (SSL), IMAP, IMAPS (SSL), SMTP, and SMTPS (SSL)
• Creating new profile
• Verifying our domain was not SPAM blacklisted
More information, please read:


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