Web design

Web Design:

Grace Computer Provides customer web design services, which include web design, animation, shopping cart, merchant application, hosting, web update/maintenance and SEO services.

Shopping cart: English version.

  1. Design 10 pages, such as cover page, company page, Services, contact us page, Return policy page (customer provides content)
  2. Set up all product categories & sub categories, (customer provides lists)

Set up product page with small, medium and large pictures; Small pictures with products’ name, medium size product with products description and “add to cart”, Large picture with target window picture only, each category has a summery page

  1. set up database, search by key words on web site
  2. Products can find by manufactures
  3. Customer order feature, tracking order status
  4. Shipping calculation UPS, USPS by weight or flat fee
  5. Merchant account (Accept Credit card) Visa & Master, American express, papal,

Automatically transaction has use GCI choose merchant companies

*Merchant account monthly service bill by credit card Company monthly

Back end (Administrator area)

  1. Customer information, list, search by name, Tel,
  2. Order information, web owner can update order status; customer can note from email, or log in to see detail.
  3. Generate Invoices and packing lists from orders


What you need to prepare for your web site?  

  • About Company:
  • Logo (if you have one)
  • Letter Head (if any)
  • Company Profile (if any)
  • Building picture (if any)
  • Owner picture (if any)

Company Introduction (In Microsoft Word file)

Service Information: What service you provide

Product Information:

  • Item no, Description, Price (Excel file with file name and products name
  • Pictures (from Digital Camera, Catalog)
  • Shipping information
  • Return Policy
  • Tax Rate
For more info, please contact us at info@gracecomputer.net