Company Uniforms

Company Uniforms

Uniforms represent many other types of organizations and companies. GCI is the best place to unify the concept and design of your company/organization uniforms. We can master your distinct uniforms logos and design concepts of your company or we can create incredible designs that best brings out the company vision and unify the company as a whole
Caps Logo Embroidery
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(Screen Printing on Back of Cap)

Polo and T-Shirt Screen Printing

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100_1985100_1977100_1987    mongolian

Polo and T-Shirt Embroidery
20160506_164304_crop  20160506_164340_crop  great_wall_sample  newest_order_tshirt_sample  ksd_tshirt_crop
furnitureaccoutlet_sm  East_buffet_on_pink_sm  ksd_tshirt_crop  sakura_polo
clg_church_purple  wackymongoliangrill_embroid  sushichoochoo_polo

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