agreement-2679506_640 (1)Grace Feng is a co-founder of Grace Computer & Internet Corporation. she has  established many IT services areas such as Web design, Software development, Graphics Design, as well as well equipped a digital meeting room.

 We commit to use current information technology to help business owners promote  their business successfully, save cost, communication fast and stay competitively in  21st century.

She keeps herself up-to-date on her skills and new developing technology. Her services have expanded to software development, point of sale application, digital surveillance system. She was interviewed by ABC news about her business in 1999. She has also been interviewed and published in the Houston Chronicle as well as many Chinese newspapers, interviewed by ITV 55.5 channel.

Grace Feng is a board member of The Way East, a Nonprofit Organization to help special need orphan. She is a vice president of Houston Chinese Christian Business Association and IT manager. She is Christian education & IT coworker. She speaks in radio stations, Association and churches.

Grace Feng is very active in community affairs. Her desire to put Houston Chinatown on the map led her and her staff to develop the Houston Chinatown Map & Directory. In order to aid those who want to learn more about the area and the businesses of the area. Her staff also helps the City of Houston, and Sharpstown Development Authority to translate their Safety Tips into five languages. Her collaborative approach has built a bridge between the Asian community and other mainstream areas between Houston and other major cities.

She has a clear vision and focuses on the details to make sure that everything she takes part in is as professional as possible. Grace Feng graduated from McNesse State University, where she received a Masters Degree in Science in 1993.


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