Mobile App Designs



You want a customized mobile app for your company or website? At GCI, we can design your mobile app just the way you want! Whether it is for Android devices or Apple or even BOTH!

GCI is the best place to unify the concept and design of your company/organization. We can master your distinct mobile and tablet applications with functional design concepts that fit your company whether it is for Android or Apple devices.

We either create your app that meets your requirements and features or our specialized design team may customize your design of your app for you:


Key Features:
  • Submission to Apple and/or Android App Stores
  • Mobile/tablet app layout
  • App functionality
  • User friendly navigation
  • High-Quality images (Client Provided or Surcharge for image design/stock)
  • Branding (Client Provided or Surcharge for Logo/Brand design)
  • and much more! Please contact us at (713) 779-8444 or email for more details

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