Windows Service $69

    File Backup

    File Recovery $89

    Replace Hard Drive $69

    Hard Drive Size (Price may vary by market price)

    Replace CPU Fan $69

    Terms & Conditions

    1. The new hardware (such as hard drive, power supply, cpu fan) has 1 year warranty. New display screen, notebook keyboard have 1-3 month warranty (depending on vendor) . Service has a 7-day warranty.
    2. GCI is not responsible for OS failure due to unstable hardware.
    3. If the customer decides not to replace broken part(s) or repair the PC after GCI diagnoses the PC, GCI will only charge a diagnosis fee.
    4. The customer should provide correct information.
    5. GCI will keep devices up to 1 month. If customer doesn’t pick it up, GCI has the right to dispose of or recycle the device.
    6. Service fees are non-refundable.
    7. **Above fees are for services. Software & Windows license fee are separately.