Grace Computer & Internet provides courses for both IT and management, including Microsoft software, such as Excel advanced, QuickBooks, video editing, PMP project management, Agile project management, scrum master. We provide pre-corded courses and online courses. We also provide online certification practice. Our courses are selected by some large corporations for their employee to learn year-round.

Technical & Management Skills:

  Hours Pre-recorded Online Course Price  Language
101 Video Editing 7   $180 Chinese
102  QuickBooks  10 $120 $350 Chinese
201E Scrum Master   0 $50 English
202TE Scrum Master Exam
     $50 English
202C  Agile Management for Certification 15 $75 NA Chinese
203C PMP certification 35 $49 NA Chinese

Agile management is not only used in software development, but also widely used in all walks of life, and its proportion in the latest exam of the most authoritative PMP project certificate has greatly increased;

Agile management involves the formation and integration of teams, from project management to project management. There are specific and feasible management methods, which can adapt to the requirements of rapid changes and are suitable for large, medium and small companies.

203C PMP Management Certificate: 35 hours, pre-recorded: $75.

*Pre-recorded class: Pre-recorded video + Q&A in chat.

*Online classes: Teachers teach classes in person through the Internet.


Number Description:

C: Chinese teaching

E: English teaching

F: Free course

S: Course Trial

T: Test Mock Exam

Microsoft Word

Make the most out of your text documents. Our Word classes will teach you formatting and layout tricks so your documents look cleaner and professional.

Microsoft Excel

Need to organize data, order information, or calculate payrolls? Excel can help make your data sets more manageable.

Learn Excel with us!

Microsoft PowerPoint

Not sure how to create your next big presentation? Let our PowerPoint classes teach you how to create a captivating presentation for your next meeting.

Learn PowerPoint with us!

Microsoft Publisher

Have menu, flyer, or poster designs you want to come to life? Our Publisher classes will show you how you can make your own custom publishing.

Learn Publisher with us!

Microsoft Access

Have Access but don’t know how to use it? Access can be the database management system for your next project!

Learn Access with us!


Want to know more about Windows and what it can do for you? We will teach you anything you will need to know about Windows.

Learn Windows with us!

Microsoft Outlook

Do you wish your email client could do more? It probably can! Our classes will teach you how to add accounts, set email server settings, and more. Make your email clients truly your own.

Learn Outlook with us!

Intuit Quickbooks

Unsure if you are getting the most out of your accounting software? We can teach you efficient ways of managing your financials.

Learn Quickbooks with us!

Adobe InDesign

Want to make professional looking company documents? Our InDesign classes can teach you how to create personalized documents for your company.

Learn InDesign with us!

Adobe Photoshop

Passionate about Graphics Design and don’t know where to start? We provide classes on Photoshop so you can start turning your passion into skill. Learn Photoshop with us!

Microsoft 365

This course provides deep knowledge on using E-Mail Online and Microsoft Outlook. You can see that Outlook is more than just an email program. It helps you to organize your work efficiently. You will learn everything you need to know about writing, structuring, and sending emails. You will also learn about other useful email functions and settings.

Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive

A free alternative to Word and Excel, Google Docs, Sheets and Drive will allow you to easily create and save documents and spreadsheets. Learn how to use these apps, including how to use them on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Video Editing Online Course (7Hrs)

  1. Video file format, file upload and download
  2. Video cutting (separation) , trim, Combine videos and adding video effects,
  3. Add text/add text effects
  4. Video cutting (separation) , trim, Add voice recording
  5. Add intro and outro, add effects of the videos
  6. Video quality control
  7. Create a complete video, review home work

Payment Option 1:
Please send payment to
using Zelle / Chase Quickpay

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Meeting/Training Room Rental

Grace Computer & Internet  provides meeting room rentals for events, professional meetings and any occasion. Located in our upper-deck of our corporate building, we have a spacious room with plenty of chairs, meeting equipment and projectors available for use or any type of meeting, event or occasion.