Our company includes services that can help complete your registration and application for your copyright. Protect your rights for your brand, trademark or personalized work with the U.S. Copyright law that imposes both civil and criminal penalties against infringement. Our services and procedure for creating and registering your copyright is straightforward and entirely transparent.

For Copyright:

After customer paid off design fee, GCI will not hold logo copyright.

The design belongs to you. GCI will not use finalized logos for personal and commercial purposes nor for any other customers.

To apply copyright from government is something customer need to consider.

For general design: should apply copyright. GCI provides service for customers.

The government application fee is separate from our design fee.

Branding, such as business cards and logos usually applies for trademarks.

Some customers still choose to apply copyright instead of trademark. For Prices please see www.copyright.gov. Before applying, there is a word to “search”.