Company Timeline

Company Timeline ↓

  • Software for restaurant inventory management and staff payment system is developed.
    A virtual online interactive fitting room and wholesale system was introduced for a Beauty Supply e-commerce website design.
    Mesh window vinyl poster designs began a popular service during this year.
  • The design and management team began using project management and sales management platforms to enhance office productivity and efficiency.
    Grace Computer also provides advanced training classes for Fortune 500 companies and students.
  • With vast experience in PHP and mySQL with content management systems, web development with video management functions and online news and ad management applications were developed.
  • An Online Sales Order software was developed for a Nanya Plastic company called Neuma Doors. Neuma Doors is a door manufacturing company with a broad selection and door manufacturing options. The software was developed to make the selection process more straightforward and easier for customers to access all the possible options for door product and style selections as well as reduce order and processing time with accuracy and efficiency.
    A software application that generates reports and inventory tracking from seven multiple office locations in different countries was developed the same year. It also provides delivery status on when the departure and arrival time to warehouse to warehouse. This application is developed for one of the three top valve manufactures in the oil and gas industry. A modified version was developed for Specialty Gas product manufacture.
  • A Medication Software for MD Anderson Cancer Center was developed by Grace Computer & Internet Corp. as well as a Pathology image search software for Medical School in University of Rochester.
    The customer base also expanded internationally to Nigeria during this period.
  • GCI company services are extended internationally overseas to customers in China.
  • Grace Computer provides services not limited to the e-commerce/web industry, but also to manufacturers, medical, and wholesale industries.
  • Grace Computer expanded it’s customer base in multiple states in the United states from California, Nevada and Louisiana.
  • Grace have developed an online quotation software for an importer company. It is an online software based on FOB price to calculate the CIF price on container load with customer levels, product categories, price levels and various user controls.
  • Grace Computer have been development new software solutions and technologies for internet based businesses. “3 in 1 Easy to Update” features with customized coding attracted many businesses.
    Windows-based Hotel Management Software and Online Web-Based Medical Clinic was introduced.
    A powerful multiingual website was also developed for cancer doctor with MD Anderson in three languages.
  • Many web-based applications have been developed over the past year which includes Training Manager, Online Order and Inventory tracking system for major gas companies. Not only do Grace Computer provide software solutions but also built database information services for communities.
    The Houston Chinatown Map & Directory has been the most major data sources for the Southwest area.
  • Grace Computer purchased a new office building located in 6918 Corporate Drive which included an upper level training room center to provide computer training services for its customers and students.
  • A new version of the Production management web software was developed, a well-designed database and software functions have helped many customers saved countless of hours of labor.
  • Company expansion grew to include graphic design services that includes design, printing and publishing.
    An area map of Houston Chinatown was published and released during that time. Data format was made available in printing and online search database format.
  • New technology was DVR surveillance camera systems became popular.
    Grace Computer provided DVR installation services for many restaurants, warehouses and offices during this year.
  • An integration web e-commerce services was included in the line of services, which consist of online shopping cart, online payment processing and merchant accounts.
  • To meet the needs of web service customers, web hosting services was formed and Hotel management software as also developed during that period.
  • Grace Computer expanded software development from windows-based applications to include web-based software applications.
  • As a demand for Point of Sale increased, as a team they worked together to integrate point of sale systems for restaurants and retail stores while continuing to develop web applications for customers.
    Their developments included Time clock software, Management, Wholesale Management, Food Processing companies and Fast Food restaurants.
  • Grace Computer is a pioneer in web development providing powerful tools to help business get online. GCI were originally recognized as GC International Corp.