Easy to update online video web site 


Online TV to help you to introduce your products and services
Online video is the most powerful tool to introduce and promotion. GCI has been helping customer to translate Video to other language and put on line to help customer has important meeting oversea.

Online TV also help you to market your products and services
GCI has many success stories for sale house online within two moths, without any agent effort.  The web site use pictures, videos to show all details and create marketing. Online could be easy to update or manually update.  It can combined with GCI shopping cart or without shopping cart. 

  1. Capability to display video online
  1. Video can be free or charge by year to web visitors.  When GCI customer place order web site, free video or charge by member shall be clear. 
    1. Free Video site: All video clips will display without any application form or payment page before.  If any responding forms, shall not relate the video display.
    2. Membership Video site: Up to three free videos will display in the “free video” page.  On the side, there is a membership application form include payment information.  After web visitor paid.  Web master shall receive a notice from email.  After web master secure the payment, web master shall active this customer in administrator area.  Web visitor can logo in the watch video.  One month before membership expire, a notice shall send to web visitors and web master.  If the payment is not applied to the account, this member shall not log in after the date his/her membership expires automatically.  
  1. Easy to add video function:
    1. Web master can add video include video title, author, video clip and choose the period that video shall display. 
    2. Video file still need compress resolution, resize the display size and convert to wav file to be able to display on line.  All video file need upload to web site through FTP software.  There are many free FTP software can be download from Internet.
    3. Video display schedule: Web Master can schedule start date for video display.  Before the schedule date, the video will show as “preview”.  After video schedule date, video show in position shall under “preview” section.
  1. Easy to update content:
    1. All content in content page are made with GCI power easy to update features.  The content will limit words and images.  Some of images may request upload by FTP. 
    2. The “Easy to update content web site” is create by GCI.  The goal is to help customer have capability to update web site with limited training.  It is not  a tool to design a web site
    3. The flash file will not be able to upload from web based even FTP.  The flash file shall create by flash software.  The flash file input shall be done by GCI staff.
  1. Review browser: IE 6.0 or 7.0.
  1. Customize GCI standard web:
    1. GCI customer can request changes on color, font even features based on the GCI standard web.  Any change is not the same as GCI’s document; it will count as change request and will associate additional charge.  To make web site easy to update, the layout change may more limit compare with regular htm (html site), also it will cost more than regular web site.
    2. Form changes:  Any require field such as application or responding form, change word and drop down word, change from require field (usually mark as Red *) to non-require field all count as change request.
  1. Additional request: 
    1. GCI customer can request add more features.  Any additional feature shall describe by customer on writing and pay additional development fee. 
    2. Reference web sites can be listed as a reference as additional information.  GCI customer shall use print screen and text to describe what are including in the request.  Reference web sites may change from time to time.    If any administer area features or member ship features involve, GCI customer shall provide user name and password.  If GCI request GCI to create new account the related fee shall pay by GCI customer.