* Easy training

* Network ready

* Touch screen ready

* Improve Customer Service

* Provide view of whole business

* Increase Your Profitability

Important Features

GCI-POS Retail System Release You From Tedious Products Name
GCI-POS retail provides you easy way to set and modify your products name and price. It really set you free from remember all the products names.

Touch Screen Enhances The Performance Of GCI-POS Retail System
We highly recommend the touch screen monitor for your GCI-POS retail. This user-friendly device makes GCI-POS faster and easier to operate simply by touching the computer screen with your fingers. Touch screen monitor is also available at GCI.

GCI-POS Retail System Easy To Work With Cash Draw, Pole Display And Printer
GCI-POS retail provides you a more efficient work environment to increase your profitability.

GCI-POS Retail Report Function Gives You A Whole View Of Your Business
GCI-POS retail daily , monthly, period report function provide you an easier and accurate way to tracking your business sale information.

GCI-POS Retail System Is Reliable
GCI-POS retail system keep upgrade. We will keep connection with our customer and guaranty to provide you newest and reliable software system !

GCI-POS Retail Attractive And Easy To Learn
GCI-POS is a user-friendly application. It stands by your side with comprehensive commands, attractive graphic user interface and operable data-entry features. Anyone can learn to use this system in a short time!

GCI-POS Retail Is Affordable!
GCI-POS costs less than most similar systems available in the market.


* Menu input, 5 hours training
* Free on year unlimited phone support.
* Free upgrade newer version with six month purchase, if GCI have
newer version.

Screen Gallery

EZ POS Software Basic, Standard, Pro, Network version

QuickBooks Support     x x
Product Modifiers     x x
Product: Add-ons, Up sell Offer, Quantity Discounts, Insurance Offer     x x
Show alternate products when out-of-stock     x x
Product kits or Built products     x x
Cash, check, credit card and split tender sales   x x x
Store Credit, Gift Cards, Down Payment, Layaway, Terms (Billing)     x x
Keep track of historical transaction records x x x x
Can use bar code scanner   x x x
Can use Keyboard or Touch Screen x x x x
User-defined multiple price levels     x x
Discount pricing for different customers.     x x
Automatic discounts for sales period   x x x
Low Margin Warnings   x x x
Keeps track of inventory on-hand quantities   x x x
Generates receipts x x x x
Generates invoices, packing slips, quotes   x x x
Generate Purchase Orders with recommended reorder qty     x x
Payment due notice     x x
Navigate to all previously generated invoices / receipts. x x x x
Sales Commission tracking     x x
Keeps track of cashier, cash register   x x x
Keeps track of sales personnel     x x
Keeps track of customer information   x x x
Sales with or without customer specified.   x x x
Shipping charge and shipping information   x x x
Taxable, and tax exempt customers     x x
Void or Edit invoice x x x x
Keep track of Reservations (Restaurant versions)     x x
Keeps track of minimum inventory re-order quantity   x x x
Automatic reorder estimator     x x
Inventory Control   x x x
Product information maintenance screen to update inventory on-hand, minimum quantity.   x x x
Inventory on-hand is automatically updated as you sell the products in point-of-sale screen.   x x x
Price lookup screen also shows the inventory on-hand   x x x
Vendor information is connected to the product information   x x x
USA, UK, Canada, Australian version   x x x
Supports Tax Added or Tax Included methods x x x x
Currency & Terminology Editor   x x x
Number of Reports 5 41 48 48
Sales journal in any date ranges x x x x
Sales journal at detail level (product sales) and summary level (invoice level). x x x x
Sales journal (detail and summary) downloaded to Excel   x x x
Sales reports by date ranges x x x x
Sales reports by product, category, vendor, cashier, sales personnel   x x x
Manpower Planning   x x x
Reports can be saved, emailed, printed or copied     x x
Automatic Email Reports     x x
Print customer information list   x x x
Print product information list x x x x
Download customer information to (text, Excel)   x x x
Download product information to (text, Excel)   x x x
Upload customer information from (text, Excel)   x x x
Upload product information from (text, Excel)   x x x
Product, Category and logo pictures   x x x
Customer Database   x x x
Easy search by customer   x x x
Update name address, phone, fax, contact, e-mail address, and other notes   x x x
Update additional ship-to, address, information, phone, fax   x x x
Information print, download and upload capability   x x x
Customer Order Limit   x x x
Customer Credit Limit     x x
Access Security x x x x
Option to run with or without access security   x x x
Password security x x x x
Club / Member discounts     x x
Private invoice notes   x x x
Receipt messages and notes x x x x
Track bad check writers     x x
Network, multiple users updating common database concurrently       x
No installation required   x x x
Multiple open sales   x x x
Instant Payment History     x x
Instant Customer Purchase History     x x
Transfer Inventory     x x
Coupon Discount by Amount and %     x x
Allow Trade-in’s     x x
Rent by Hour, Day or flat rate     x x
Multiple printer and remote printer support     x x
Accept Credit cards through PC Charge   x x x
Auto Backups   x x x
Pay-out tracking     x x