It is time for you to try GCI-POS for your wholesale management! GCI-POS is a sophisticated software application that helps you to manage every aspect of your wholesale business.
Main Features:
GCI-POS Pre-Sets Your Invoice & Reminds You When & What To Deliver
GCI-POS ‘s automatic delivery reminder makes your delivery service on time and accurate. It allows you to pre-set delivery dates and time. The system will then remind you what to deliver everyday by displaying the specific date on the calendar with the information about the items to be delivered.
GCI-POS Has A Smart Calculator To Do The Math For Your Total Price
GCI-POS is able to calculate automatically each item’s total sale price, total purchase price and package price. The system will display total price information for you by simply requiring you to select item ID and (or) pick ID, and (or) input the item quantity.
GCI-POS Acts Like An Accountant To Keep Track On Your Earnings And Debts
GCI-POS can automatically display the information about Accounts Payable (paid or unpaid) and Accounts Receivable (paid or unpaid) to save your time figuring out how much money you earn and owe with your wholesale business.
GCI-POS’s Report Function Gives You A Whole View Of Your Business
GCI-POS ‘s report function summarizes and organizes data and turns it into meaningful information to support your decision-making. You can create various reports including Current Inventory, Item Restock, Sale Report, Income Report, Sale Control, PO Report and Deliver Ship RPT.
Touch Screen Enhances The Performance Of GCI-POS
We highly recommend the touch screen monitor for your GCI-POS. This user-friendly device makes GCI-POS faster and easier to operate simply by touching the computer screen with your fingers. Touch screen monitor is also available at GCI.
GCI-POS Is Attractive And Easy To Learn
GCI-POS is a user-friendly application. It stands by the user’ side with comprehensive commands, attractive graphic user interface and operable data-entry features. Anyone can learn to use this system in a short time!
GCI-POS Is Affordable!
GCI-POS costs much less than most similar systems available in the market. We are here to help you save money rather than putting a burden on your budget! GCI POS Wholesale, Windows Based Software Features: GCI-POS wholesale allows you to set different prices for different customers for the same item. Your employees will not be able give customers the wrong prices. You may also set the same prices for all customers. You may change the price while creating an invoice. GCI-POS wholesale allows you to track items from the same raw material, if you have items split from the same raw material. GCI-POS wholesale allows you to put both order quantity and shipped quantity on the invoice. Your shipped quantity may be modified after delivery.
Price : $895.00
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