Specialty Gas Products (Division of Matheson TriGas)


November 18, 2005

Dear Grace:

We appreciate your efforts for providing total solutions of our IT needs. Grace Computer & Internet Corporation has done many wonderful projects for us since 2003. Your friendly service, timely response and product quality are outstanding.
You have been providing us very good quality of computer hardware and network products. I do not recall any problems with your computer products since 2003. We are also very impressed with your capabilities in software development. We use Specialty Gas Management software for the management of our daily operations. It is a key contribution for our productions efficiency.

The e-commerce site that you have developed is excellent. Please feel free to use us as your reference. Thank you for your excellent works!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need my assistance.


Joey Hudman
Plant Manager
Specialty Gas Products. A division of Matheson-Trigas


Cancer Matrix Manual

Edward H. Lin, MD – Editor-in-Chief
Seattle, WA
Associate Professor of Medicine,
University of Washington School of Medicine
Doctor with GI Oncology
Faculty Center, 10th Floor
(MD Anderson Cancer Center)
May 30, 2007
Dear Grace,
I wish to write a thank you letter for Grace Computer and Internet for your excellent work, ethics and professionalism during the development of cancermatrix.com website that appears in English, Chinese and Spanish. Under budgeted, Grace and her colleagues went above and beyond their call of duty putting together a complex three language website per editor specifications. Grace and her colleagues understand and anticipate the needs of the editors and were most responsive and flexible during the development process. We feel fortunate to have Grace Computer and Internet to serve the oncology communities through the cancer-matrix medium.
Edward Lin, MD