Windows Service 视窗服务 $69

    File Backup 文件备份

    File Recovery $89

    Replace Hard Drive $69

    Hard Drive Size (Price may vary by market price)

    Replace CPU Fan $69


    1. 新硬件(如硬碟、电源、CPU风扇等)享有一年保修期,外露部件(如显示屏、手提电脑键盘),享有1-3个月保修期, 因供应商而异。 维修服务享有7天保修期。
    2. 活泉电脑不负责因硬件不稳定造成的问题。
    3. 活泉电脑诊断电脑问题后,如顾客决定不更换损坏的硬件, 不继续维修,活泉电脑仅收取检测费。
    4. 顾客需提供真实信息。
    5. 请及时来取您的电脑,活泉电脑对顾客电脑的最长保存期为1个月, 之后活泉电脑有权銷毀或做回收处理。
    6. 维修服务费将不退还。
    7. **以上费用为服务费, 软件和窗口的费用另计。
    Terms & Conditions

    1. The new hardware (such as hard drive, power supply, cpu fan) has 1 year warranty. New display screen, notebook keyboard have 1-3 month warranty (depending on vendor) . Service has a 7-day warranty.
    2. GCI is not responsible for OS failure due to unstable hardware.
    3. If the customer decides not to replace broken part(s) or repair the PC after GCI diagnoses the PC, GCI will only charge a diagnosis fee.
    4. The customer should provide correct information.
    5. GCI will keep devices up to 1 month. If customer doesn’t pick it up, GCI has the right to dispose of or recycle the device.
    6. Service fees are non-refundable.
    7. **Above fees are for services. Software & Windows license fee are separately.