Grace Computer & Internet Corporation (GCI) customizes your software to fit your application with different language, such as C++, Java, access, visual basic, pearl, you name it, we can do it!

Grace Computer & Internet Corporation (Grace Computer) has been providing expert software skills to our clients since 1998. We are currently located in Houston, Texas. To date, Grace Computer has delivered computer products for the retail, wholesale, import/export, motel/hotel, manufacturing, and educational industries. We are grateful for the continuing opportunities to apply our experience with Internet application, windows programming, hardware integration and training to new possibilities.

Online Software

Clinic Software

The GCI clinic is an innovative solution for automating the clinical workflow of a medical office. It dedicated to helping physicians as they change and improve the way they practice medicine to digitalize. Our custom designed software program manages information used in clinics to ensure accuracy and easy access to important data.
Your clinic will run smoothly with GCI clinic. Patient’s records can be easily searched by patient’s name, date of visit or date of birth.
GCI also provide a package with software, a server, monitor and portable tablets!
Key Features:
Schedule & check appointments
Scan in all previous charts to access patient data
Customize your charts with different diagnosis options, office visit options
Save written prescriptions & refill prescriptions by using the original copy from server
Important Features:

  • Patient General Information
  • Record Review & Update Confirmation
  • Chief Complaint
  • History of Present Illness
  • Assessment Plan
  • Chronic Problem
  • Acute Medication
  • Progress Notes


Import Software

The management of customer orders and information is a great task for companies and now GCI is making it simpler for business owners and staff to organize their data.
GCI import software allows customer and company convenience for viewing products, tracking, reviewing, and editing order information. Our import software is a great source of communication between customers and importers or wholesalers. Customers will have access to a vast online catalog of products. Without price listings or order features, the import software focuses on maintaining an in depth customer, product, quotation, and invoice database.

Online News

  • Online yellow page, with easy to update feature
  • Online news pages, with easy to update feature
  • Customer management: Based on Monthly, quarterly, yearly ads customer, the listing will automatically show or doesn’t show on web
  • Multi-language features


Online Training Manager

Summary: With Online Training Management, managers can easily maintain employee training records and certificates, while employees have secure access to their own accounts for training purposes over the Internet.
Features: Flexible trainings setup based on employee positions; Easy web-based file transfer for centralized document storage; Clear training reports based on employee or training course; Powerful security levels and auto logging; Support for multiple locations/branches; Support for file and database backup
Easy to use with Powerful features
A Web-based information tracking system system

  • User login, manager login, Administrator login with password protection
  • Allow administrator to add new employees and training course Employee information
    (e.g. Name, Tel, Address, Position and much more).
  • Track employee’s training records: new and view in record
    (e.g. Training Date, Time, Topic, Instructor, Drop down employee, Choices: Certificate, Quiz,
    and more)
  • Assign training course for each employee
  • Allow administrator to upload the scanned certifications
  • Enable administrator to upload quizzes
  • Allow Manager to view all employee’s record, by training, by employee
  • Allow employee to view their own training records and quizzes
  • Customized reports for employee’s training records including complete and incomplete training courses


Automation Software

More Information:
Allows sample selection automatically even when no one is in the lab!
With automatic varying value and stream manipulation controlled by our patent pending software.

Windows-based Software

Some GCI developed Windows base software:


  • Bar Code Generator
  • Hotel Management
  • Wholesale Management
  • Production Management
  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Fast Food Point of Sale