Video Creation Services

GGrace Computer & Internet Corp. adopts the latest technology and uses the newest design style to produce videos. Services include:

  1. Company introduction video: Write a script according to the customer’s content, use Logo, pictures, text, background music, narration, subtitles, etc., to create a company introduction video, generally 1 to 2 minutes is appropriate.

  2. Product introduction video

  3. Event promotion video

  4. Event playback video

  5. Book Trailer

  6. YouTube Video Editing

Create video from word, pictures, and video clips to introduce or promote business or event

Services includes:
Scriptwriting based on customer’s content

  • Add Logo
  • Add pictures
  • Add Words
  • Add background music
  • Add effect in between video/pictures transaction
  • Voice over:
    • customer provides content
    • customer doesn’t provides content
    • average read rate 220 words/min
  • Add caption:
    • customer provides content
    • customer doesn’t provide content

1-minute to 5- minutes video